When You Give - Others Live 

Catholic Team Global (CTG)

Instead of tearing down, we are called to build up. In creating a just society, we are called to solidarity which functionally means to show charity to others. No matter how poor you think you are, there are many others who are worse.

Every activity therefore must be distinguished by an attitude of service to persons, especially those furthest away and less known. Service is the soul of that fraternity that builds up peace.

For over 20 years, Catholic Online has been an integral part of the world Catholic landscape. It's this experience and brand recognition that now allows us the opportunity to implement Catholic Team Global and accomplish the vision Pope Francis has set in motion.

Every Catholic is a member of Catholic Team Global.

Pope Francis has made our mission simple - 'Prayer and Action'

    PRAYER - Prayer is Powerful. Lord hear our prayers.
    ACTION - Our Catholic Team Global 'Action' campaign is three-phase:

    Step 1:  Food;  feeding hungry children is only one part of the solution.
    Step 2:  Education, the gift of literacy;  Children will develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to enable them to meet the challenges they will face in the 21st century. When children learn they are better able to succeed, opening new opportunities for themselves and future generations.
    Step 3:  Learning Tools;  Using our own global distribution network, we will provide XO Tablets for children to optimize their learning and excel in their education.

    Now you can show your support in union with Catholic Team Global by sponsoring a childs education or buying socially responsible products such as 1500 Series Bed Sheets and sharing your commitment to 'Prayer and Action' with your community of family, friends and neighbors. 

    Together we are God's hands in the world, Pope Francis and Catholic Online with Your Catholic Voice Foundation invite you to join with us to support our projects and raise your catholic voice through 'Prayer and Action'.


    Your efforts will make a difference! 
    Catholic Team Global members: Calendar of Events
    Sponsor a Childs Education
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