World's Catholic Education Foundation

Do Good

Your Catholic Voice Foundation is devoted to serving our global community.  

Our nonprofit organization is a leader with our our social responsibility initiatives. 

Our 'Prayer & Action' initiative has three steps:

Step 1: Food; feeding hungry children is the first part of the solution.
Step 2: Education, the gift of literacy; Children will develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to enable them to meet the challenges they will face in the 21st century. When children learn they are better able to succeed, opening new opportunities for themselves and future generations.
Step 3: Learning Tools: Free downloadable educational tools, Prayers, Saints Fun Facts, and more. Optimizing learning and morals and help empower the worlds poorest children through Catholic education.

We are all part of one human family whatever our national, racial, religious, economic or ideological differences and in an increasingly interconnected world, loving our neighbor has positive global dimensions.

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