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Pro-Life Ultrasound Project

We know though research that a woman who sees the baby in her womb is much less likely to carry through with an abortion. Women are told their babies are just “collections of cells,” but when they see a face, a tiny fist, a baby sucking on his thumb, they realize they’ve been fed lies and their hearts open to the possibility of a new life, filled with love.

More importantly, these women, sometimes just girls, become pro-life advocates themselves. Their own testimony is powerful witness to the Truth. Life begins at conception and no child is merely a “choice.” It’s time to fight back against the campaign of lies designed to seduce us into killing our own unborn children for a dark agenda.

Will you consider a gift of $25, $50, $100, or even $200?

Better yet, will you consider doubling down with us and doubling your gift?

Imagine saving two lives instead of one!

Every child that’s born because of this program will hopefully become a pro-life advocate themselves someday. That means if you rescue two babies, you also rescue their mothers, creating four pro-life advocates who will vote and act with a properly informed conscience.

What better way to change the world?

It has been 40 years since Roe v Wade.  There has been hundreds of millions of dollars donated.  There has been education and awareness.  However, the sad fact is that abortion in America is still legal  –  period  –  end of story.  Or is it…

Billboards do not work, pictures do not work, videos of abortions do not work. Even protests and rallies do not work. Yet we still give money to finance these failed tactics. This is a tragic case of good money after bad.

Catholic Online, working with Your Catholic Voice Foundation is pioneering a new initiative focused on providing women considering abortion a new way of viewing the precious life within them.

We now strongly believe that there are two actions that do work:

  • Conversion of the heart through prayer.
  • Use of the revolutionary 3D/4D ultrasound device.



Catholic Online Ultrasound Initiative seeks to provide our own Ultrasound Clinics and medically certified pro-life pregnancy centers with 3D/4D Ultrasound devices. This will be used for mothers considering abortion to see their unborn babies early in pregnancy, even before movement is felt. A large percentage of women who see their child during their ultrasound will choose life.

If you are a parent, grandparent, brother, sister or friend who has been moved to tears of joy by ultrasound, please help save children facing abortion today. Join this life-saving initiative.

Donate Now below to help with the purchase of Ultrasound devices

Donate Now below to help cover the costs of clinic appointments for the mothers who can not afford them.


Contributions to Your Catholic Voice Foundation are tax deductible.

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