Your Catholic Voice Foundation supports our Catholic Online School Project who offers personalized FREE moral Catholic education to anyone, anywhere.

For years we have sent food and money to developing countries, but nothing seems to help or change. We have not seen an improvement in the mortality or hunger rates.

There is an absence or at best, low quality education in much of the developing world. The children do not have a chance of improving their lives. Poverty, hunger and unsanitary conditions are their way of life.

The Catholic Online School Project offers a solution.

After looking at findings from 75 studies world wide, the analysis shows that Catholic donor education programs work – not only in getting more children into school and keeping them there, but also at learning more, especially in reading, writing, math, health and moral education.

This finding does not alter the facts: most children in most schools in most countries are not learning enough. 

Catholic Online School Project has identified what is needed to improve learning and help eradicate poverty and provide a Moral education.

  • Strengthening learning and knowledge with a basic Moral Catholic education.
  • Increasing teacher resources, including computer-assisted learning, clearly comes out as the most successful approach.
  • Just putting computers in schools will not help. They need to come with age-appropriate learning resources.
  • Reducing the costs of education and offering free Catholic education to Anyone, Anywhere.

Your Catholic Voice Foundation supports the Catholic Online School Project who offers personalized FREE Moral Catholic education to anyone, anywhere.

Our mission is to help people worldwide through evangelization and catechizing Personalized Moral Catholic education. We believe that a Personalized Moral Catholic education should be available Free to Anyone, Anywhere. Forever.


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