Lent and Easter Season

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'Deacon Keith's Personal Lent Message to All Catholics'

Deacon Keith Fournier shares his plan to give you a world class Catholic education...

For free. For everyone. Forever


Hi, I am Deacon Keith Fournier, Chaplain of Your Catholic Voice Foundation and Dean of the Catholic Online School - school is that is 100% free and teaching over 32,000 student enrollments from over 100 countries on the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith.

I pray that your Lent thus far has been a time of joy, peace, and a renewed love for Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m shooting this personal video so that I can speak directly to you. I want to share a simple message, and that is to thank you for your prayers and attention.

You have remained a part of our YCVF family, and that means a lot to us.

I’m extremely humbled by you watching this video and the other content we’ve produced this past year, and I thank God for blessing us.

We launched the Catholic Online School just last year, and as I mentioned in the beginning, we already have 32,000 student enrollments! And this is just the beginning. I’m looking forward to the many thousands that will join.

Also, the Daily Readings reflections have been watched by over 70 million.

We also have courses on Lent to teach people [about the importance of this liturgical season, the graces we receive from Confession, and how we can deepen our love for the Lord during these 40 days.]

And we have received over [NUMBER] prayer requests and intentions which, as you know, we have heard ‘Live’ each day and pray for - allowing people from all around the world know that they have people praying for them, supporting them, and blessing them.

But among all this good news, you and I know that this past year certainly has been challenging for many of us. It saddens me to hear that so many are giving up and losing hope. I am reminded of what St. Peter said to Jesus when so many disciples left Him, “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Well, YCVF are repeating these words of Saint Peter.

One way we’re doing so is by enrolling as many students in our Catholic school.

We live in troubling times, yet, as we are renewed every Lent by the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord, we cannot be afraid and must keep spreading the Gospel. We must keep teaching the faith! After all, Our Lord promised in Matthew that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church!

YCVF continues to spread the faith because that is what the Holy Spirit asks of us. And with you, we are doing this. Together, we ARE spreading the faith.

Before this video ends, I want to ask you one question.

As part of our family, would you be willing to support our work in spreading the Good News?

Below you’ll find a link that will direct you to where you can make a donation. There are a few options - so please find the one that works best for you. And even if you can’t donate right now, you can support us by your prayers!

On behalf of Your Catholic Voice Foundation, I thank you for helping us spread the Faith!

Know that we are praying daily for you. May God bless you abundantly during this holy Lent and Easter season!


Thank you, and may God bless you and your family,

Deacon Keith,

Dean and Chaplain, Catholic Online School