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Your donation to Catholic Online School Education Fund will help expand our mission to honor, preserve, and provide a Free World Class Catholic Education for Anyone, Anywhere.

A quality education can lift marginalized children out of the cycle of poverty, equipping them to support themselves and their future families.

We are rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing leadership, direction, service, and tools to fulfill the evangelizing, catechizing, and teaching mission of the Catholic Church.

Together, we can make sure our students and teachers receive the education they deserve.

Your gift helps cover expenses related to:

  • Funding for all children to receive a Free World Class Catholic Education.
  • Funding for all teachers to receive Free online tools to teach a World Class Catholic Education.
  • Every $$ you give today will help provide the life-changing message of a Moral Catholic education to children, teens, adults and families.
  • 100% of online donations support a Moral Catholic Education.
  • Contributions are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible as allowed by law

Please consider a recurring monthly donation. Contributions to Your Catholic Voice Foundation are tax deductible

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