Pro-Life University

Pro-Life University

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A Powerful New Approach in the Pro-Life Movement

A powerful new approach to the protection of life is about to begin, inspired by the Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

In all her apparitions, Mary calls for just one thing, conversion of hearts to her son, Jesus Christ.

It is no coincidence this is also the only way to end abortion. Although Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion remains legal. And pro-abortion advocates like to remind us that even if abortion was outlawed, women would still seek abortions.

To save lives, we must adopt the Marian Approach. That means, we must convert the hearts of millions of people. But not just women! We must convert fathers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, educators, families, and more. And we must connect with these people in new and revolutionary ways. We've learned it is not enough to approach the issue of pro-life through faith alone. We must also address the legal, political, and philosophical perspectives as well. We also have to expand our efforts to include more than just Catholics and other Christians. We must reach out to people of all faiths, even atheists.

We believe success is close at hand. The instrument of this change will be the Pro-Life University (ProlifeU) at Catholic Online School.


Did you know that until now, no Catholic college or university has a comprehensive college of pro-life studies? 

The establishment of an academic institution is precisely what we need to connect and educate people who are underserved by the pro-life movement. Only by reaching these persons, the professionals, the educators and academics, as well as the fathers and families, can we convert the hearts we need to end abortion where it really begins -- not in the law, but in the hearts of men and women.

This project is now underway, but we still have a way to go. That's where you come in, and yes, we need your financial support. When you give, three powerful things will happen.

1. By donating to this tax-deductible project you will help build the school, and help us to offer a FREE, world-class, academic quality, pro-life education to millions of people from all walks of life.

2. You will earn a perk, such as a course or video credit, a gift from us, or your name enshrined on our list of major donors. This demonstrates to others your pro-life commitment, and encourages others to follow in your life-saving footsteps. 

3. You will help us reach millions of people with messages that are tailored to them. From educators, to politicians, to lawyers, to fathers, even atheists, we can deliver pro-life education that will change hearts and in the end, save lives.

Please give generously today, to this revolutionary new project, inspired by Our Blessed Mother.

In Christ,
Pro-Life University at Catholic Online School



Firstly, thank you for the wonderful work that you do. I'm inspired to donate because of the valuable information that is available online - it should not be lost. I do frequently look up the lives of saints as their lives inspire me. As a user I feel that I should donate even if it is small. The "Mission is to Provide a FREE World Class Catholic Education for Anyone, Anywhere" deserves support.


Hi Deacon, I was inspired to give because through my parents’ financial sacrifices I recently completed thirteen years of Catholic education. I wish that all Catholic parents could have the means to give this gift to their children. God Bless!


Dear Deacon Keith, I was fortunate to afford a Catholic education for my children, however due to the cost of maintaining school structures as well as paying lay teacher’s wages our Catholic schools are closing. This on-line school is perfect for the current generation! God bless your ministry.


Why did I donate?  Not sure what other answer there is other than for the Lord. I share your weekly readings with my Catholic CCE students every Sunday in order to expose them to the Word.  The least I can do is to support my brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are a team working together for the Lord.


I am a full pledge catholic and with God's grace I'm practicing my thoughts in church and to other catholic institutions. I'm returning it to God what is due for Him. Help me pray that I will be blessed abundantly so I could continue to support your foundation so I can also help the students who wants to get closer to God.


The reason I donated was because I’m a former Catholic school teacher. I say “former” because our school closed last year. Our community lost a wonderful institution touching many lives through the Catholic faith. Personally, I’m still grieving the loss. You’re providing an amazing ministry and I firmly believe our world needs the Catholic Church to survive today’s daily trials and tribulations.


Simply put, I’m a Catholic and, within my limits, willing to help spread the good news.