I use your resources.Thank you so much . I am in remote mission station. I am from India and a missionary. I can’t in anyway help you any dollars but I could offer masses for your intentions or for that matter for anyone of your known people. Those Mass stipends can be used for your great catholic education. This is what I can do. Hope in this way I can be an instrument for your great catholic education.

Thanking you in advance,  I remain.

Your’s in Christ,

Fr. Polamarasetty Karuna Kumar 

We are very grateful for your great work. Thank you for nurturing our souls. May our loving God continue to bless you.


To Deacon Keith,

Thank you God, for leading me to the Catholic Online School. I felt so conflicted and lost before I found this site! The inspiring course ‘Private Revelation’ was well worth my time. I believe I experienced several private revelations and the information in this course confirms that. The people in my life do not believe me. But these revelations were meant only for me and they caused me to convert to Catholicism. The revelations were of the Virgin Mary, which means Jesus Christ is God, and God is very real.

Olivia D.

I appreciate the work you do to help people with their sacraments. God bless!

Fr. Dave

To Deacon Keith,

I made a donation because I believe we need to have Catholic information available to everyone, not just Christian information. I love my Catholic faith and wanted to be part of making sure Catholic teaching keeps being available for everyone. Thank you for doing this important service for our Church.


Deacon Keith,

I am a practicing catholic and a servant of God and the church. In this part of the world, specifically in Doha, Qatar, I am a member of group of Catechist’s that teaches the Filipino children of our faith because our schools here do not teach religion classes unlike what I had experience back home wherein I studied in a Catholic school. So in every preparation of my lessons for the week, I always consult the Catholic Online website especially for the Gospel readings and any videos that may support my lesson.

Although I have been using this website for around 4 years now, but its only this time that I noticed that there was a “Donate” button. Anyway I hope I can contribute more in the future and hopefully donate more funds to financially support your foundation.

Your brother in Jesus and Mary.
Engr. Josel

Hello Deacon,

I am going through a tough time. My mother died late last year and I found the prayers on your website to be helpful.

Deacon Keith,

What inspired me to give is that what I am today is only because of the lords grace. Whenever i drifted apart, he loving called me closer to him. And after long years I have started to attend mass on weekdays whenever possible. And I make sure Friday’s and Saturday I do not miss apart from Sunday obligation. I look for daily catholic online readings before I leave for church. And I saw the appeal to help and decided to contribute to a greater cause

Thanks, Alma

Deacon Keith,

In response to your question as to why I made a donation is because of this comment: “you visit this website…..”. The comment is true. I search for prayers and I realize that everyone needs a little help. I donated a small amount but I do it from the bottom of my heart because I love everyone!

May God bless you for your devotion!
Truly yours through Christ,

Deacon Keith,

I cant afford much but I want to know more , I go to a womens bible study and it has made me want to expand my faith by learning more. A friend told me about this site so here I am!

Hi Deacon,

I was inspired to give because through my parents’ financial sacrifices I recently completed thirteen years of Catholic education. I wish that all Catholic parents could have the means to give this gift to their children.

God Bless!

Deacon Keith,

God bless in all your works. You are an inspiration to me to keep loving and serving the Lord in my own special way. This small token is small compared to your work.
God bless and more power. Its all for the glory of God!!!

Praise be to God!!

Deacon Keith,

Hello! I donated because of the prompting of our Blessed Mother and her spouse, the Holy Spirit! 🌹

Deacon Keith,

Thank you so much for the initiative to put up an online school for those who thirst for God’s love and mercy. This is indeed a great help for those people who wants to get closer to God but nowhere to go or no one could reach them. May our Lord God shower you with blessings and good health so you can continue your mission.

Help me pray that God grant my desire to be part of your foundation by sending donations and sharing this to my friends who also want to help.

Deacon Keith,

Thanks you for subscribing me . i am a catholic christian who live in
South Sudan regional area of Catholic Diocese of Torit. Am committed in reading the bible .

Thanking you,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am a member of a prayer group in New Jersey which originally came from the (Bukas Loob Sa Dios) Philippines; we do yearly medical mission in remote areas in the Philippines aside from having weekly prayer meetings.

We are assigned to be prayer leaders 1-2 times a year which forces the leader to read, apply and share the significance of the reading of the day; It has greatly enhanced my understanding of the word each time. Our group includes 7-above 70 and each age group has its own prayer meeting each Friday; I have been very thankful to the Lord for this gift.

God loves us always.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was fortunate to afford a Catholic education for my children, however due to the cost of maintaining school structures as well as paying lay teacher’s wages our Catholic schools are closing. This on-line school is perfect for the current generation! God bless your ministry.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Yes I would love to have those classes as I want to go near to the Lord. I live in Lalitpur near by Kathmandu, Nepal. Thank you.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was inspired to donate since I use your school’s website as a resource.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Why did I donate? Not sure what other answer there is other than for the Lord. I share your weekly readings with my Catholic CCE students every Sunday in order to expose them to the Word. The least I can do is to support my brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a team working together for the Lord.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I listen to your recordings of the readings most mornings and find it interesting to see other writers interpretation of the daily readings in – Living Faith. For this I thank you.

I live in Jamaica and support our many charities as best as I can but the feeling of giving back to you as I am receiving something from you overcame me.
All the Very Best and success in your missionary work.

Good evening Deacon,

I am a full pledge catholic and with God’s grace I’m practicing my thoughts in church and to other catholic institutions. Im returning it to God what is due for Him. Help me pray that I will be blessed abundantly so I could continue to support your foundation so I can also help the students who wants to get closer to God.

Best Regards,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I visit your website daily to find prayers to add to my devotions. Thank you so for making them so readily available.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I listen to you every day and it keeps me grounded with my love for Christ. I wanted my $ 5 per month to go to website support. Please confirm for me that is where the money will go to. Thank you.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I listen to your recorded Bible readings almost every day. I can’t attend mass more than once a week normally, and it is wonderful to have them read out loud particularly if I am having a difficult time with my health.

I like the sound of and idea of your online school and have been praying about donating for a while. I can’t afford much but I know a little is good.

God bless!

Dear Deacon Keith,

Simply put, I’m a Catholic and, within my limits, willing to help spread the good news.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am a converted Catholic Christian from Hindu. I born and brought from a Hindu Family up to 24 years I followed the pagan worship but I am not sure which one is God because in our family we followed 33 millions of god and goddess. But the by the grace and love and compassion of Lord Jesus Christ, He spoke with me, He is the True God who showed his Love on the cross.

So its almost 12 years our Lord is protecting me feeding me and taking care of me and loving me unconditionally. Even my parents are not talking with me, As per the scripture, our Lord himself become my parents by giving Our ever-virgin Mother Mary and Saint Joseph as papa.

Our Lord showed me that Catholic Church is ONE and ONLY TRUE CHURCH which was built by himself as per the scripture. A very very small help I did father only $ 10. But by the wish of our Lord it will gradually increase.

Nothing is there to talk about me, Deacon. All Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ave Maria, Thanks to Papa Joseph and other saints for their prayers for us. Once you received this email . Please reply me, I feel very happy.

Thanks a lot for asking me the reason. Waiting for our valuable reply,

Your Loving Son in Christ,

Deacon Keith,

Thank you for your response to my once off donation. Keith I read at Mass and I pray to the H.S that the story to be conveyed would reach the four corners of our small church.

To help me I listen to you reading scripture especially when there are words I may not be familiar with. We are but the instruments for Christ to speak through us. When I read I try to pray the words, I understand this works because sometimes a parishioner may say, you read well, this shows my prayer is heard.

As you know there are many readers on line, but yours works for me, so thank you.

Please pray for my, as you know I’m sure when we try to live our lives for Christ we can be attacked in many ways.

God Bless you and thank you for your work. Today we must pray for our priests. I will pray for you. I’m sorry for now I can only pay the once off donation.

Prayers and good wishes,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I just started a 9 day novena to the Holy Spirit when I stumbled on this page. What convinced me to donate were your words as follows – ‘I believe that the Holy Spirit has connected us today’. It stopped me in my tracks and I had to donate….

God Bless…

Dear Deacon Keith,

My husband passed away a little over a year ago, and I was interested in the Church’s teachings on life as a widow. I came across your site while researching online and felt I should make a donation as I am benefiting from your service.

Thank you…

Dear Deacon Keith,

I have been listening to your daily readings for a while now and enjoy the vocal quality of them. I also noticed the Online education program and wanted to support it as I believe we have lost much when Prayer and God were removed from schools in Canada. I do have a question and that is if the video lessons might be available to those of us who are older without registering for the school or if in registering, a person can simply take periodic lessons e.g. listen to certain sessions? Do you have a branch or contact in Canada?

Please continue your programs


Hi Deacon Keith,

I was seeking the intercession of Saint Anthony of Padua, whom I have been drawn to almost as if magnetically. Your website had unfailing prayers to him. Whereas this is a season of a lot of struggling, we are blessed to be a blessing to others. St. Anthony stood for the voices of the poor, and I hope this will in some way contribute to his cause.

God bless

Dear Deacon Keith,

It inspired me by trying to know and share Saints of the day I love hearing and reading about Saints and all the Catholic stories I love your work and keep it up and I wish you all the best with everything

Dear Deacon Keith,

This may come as a surprise to you but I’m actually a retired Protestant guy who is writing a book on Revelation as my retirement project.

I have found the Catholic Encyclopaedic resources extremely helpful – so I thought I should do the right brotherly and Christian thing and make a donation to help support the folk who put it together.

I wish you every success in your initiatives.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I love giving little donation once a year in Christmas.
It inspired me because like you, I love my faith and it means everything.
Please pray for me and for all humanity.

Take good care and God bless.

Dear Deacon Keith,

May the good Lord bless you and the horse you rode in on! You dropped me a line to ask what drew me to Your Catholic Voice Foundation. I wanted to listen to a scheduled reading program in the first instance but your welcoming smile and dulcet tones have kept me here.

You have the gift of communication Keith, I will continue to pray for super-human strength and wisdom for you. So power on!

Cheers from Tasmania,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I have been researching women saints and I have used your site, so as you say for a price of a few coffees…..

Deacon Keith,

I enjoy the accessibility of Catholic Online Daily readings for inspiration. I have been displaced since Harvey flooded Houston.🙏🏼

Daecon Keith,

What inspired me simply was a love for learning about saints of all religions— something I’ve done all my life as a student, parent, and teacher. I frequently use the internet to see what is written about Saints I know less well and today it was St Basil. I love your mission!

Hello Deacon Keith,

I want to let you know what inspired me to donate. I am a catholic and I wish to support in a little way as I can to the progress of our catholic project which is spreading the gospel of God to the whole world. I know that what I donated is nothing compared to the height of the project which you people are carrying on. But anything it can do, please add it to it.

Remain blessed

Hello Deacon Keith,

Thank you for your Videos and your Patience. Reading your Website, watching your Videos and knowing about the life of your Saints inspired me
to donate to Catholic online.

Thank you again,

Hi Deacon Keith,

Firstly, thank you for the wonderful work that you do. I’m inspired to donate because of the valuable information that is available online – it should not be lost. I do frequently look up the lives of saints as their lives inspire me. As a user I feel that I should donate even if it is small. The “Mission is to Provide a FREE World Class Catholic Education for Anyone, Anywhere” deserves support.

Kind regards

Dear Deacon Keith,

Hi, I am intending to use your courses for my daughter who is currently five years. She will be six in May. She goes to a Catholic school but I feel she is not learning enough; they are allocated no more than 1.5 hours (10%) per week. Also Church no longer does Sunday school, which I have strongly urged as I would prefer my daughter’s peers embracing our Faith otherwise my daughter could be negatively impacted by their influence. I will be prepared to donate to you.

First of all, I would be most grateful if you could provide an everyday guide for me to follow that is appropriate for my daughter’s age please. I have briefly seen some of your courses but am unsure where to start & what is appropriate for my daughter’s age. Would be most grateful for your help. Kenny – from the UK.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was looking for some prayers to Mary to use before my Church Bldg. Committee meetings start each month. Decided it would be nice to help even a little to say “thank you” for that availability. Again, Thank You!

God Bless

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am a catechist at my local parish. I value the educational possibilities of the internet and the opportunity your site presents.



Hi Deacon Keith

I have been praying with your Daily Readings for some years now.

What inspired me to donate?

For some people, especially those with poor reading skills, an expressive voice helps bring out the meaning in the text. In this, I would say that your Daily Readings series are effective in inspiring.

Likewise, well-produced Audio-Visual programmes also help bring out the lessons from the black-and-white pages and make the Bible come alive for children. And I know how difficult and costly it is to produce good material.

I am retired. I only hope my small donation will help with your cause. I am recommending your material to my circle of friends from my church, including some members of the Parish Pastoral Council and the Catechist Ministry.

May the Lord bless your ministry and multiply its fruits this year. Have a Blessed New Year!

God Bless,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was researching St. Juliana of Nicodemia – I opened your page and got a pop-up donation message.

It’s New Years Day. I am grateful. Happy New Year

With God’s blessings to you,

Dear Deacon Keith Fournier:

Happy New Year!
Thank you for your response!
I have been wanting to join a bible study program for a few years. But never materialized.
On December 15, 2018 I had a car accident, the car is totaled but I was miraculously saved only with a hair line fracture on my right wrist. This morning the homely at the Mass was very inspiring. When I came home I was searching for todays reading again and found the Catholic Online School site. I didn’t hesitate to enroll.
Thank you and have a blessed year ahead!

Daily Readings – January 2019

Comment: This is a much needed daily reading and explanation of the Mass for the day. I look forward daily to Deacon Fournier’s insight.

Rated 5 out of 5

Hello Deacon Keith,

Although I haven’t looked into the details I like that you are covering the lives of the Saints.

I would love to see beginning, intermediate and advanced catechism courses.

In the last two years I have fully committed myself to the faith and I have found that I never knew Catholicism at all. And I am learning, sadly, that many Catholics around me don’t know our faith is well. Courses on the catechism of the church would be fantastic.

Love what you’re doing and I’ll support you.

May God bless you and have a happy and prosperous 2019.

Hello Deacon Keith,

I donated because of getting Catholic education free to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Children and others have such an opportunity to learn more about the church. I hope to be able to take advantage of your program myself soon.

God bless you and your program!

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
Oakland, California

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am a convert, as of over 20 years ago. I raised my family Catholic, and have always sung in the choirs or been a cantor in my parishes. Some years ago I fell away – I was troubled and confused, and stopped going to church. When I discovered, after moving, that the priest in my new parish was someone I had known many years ago, I summoned up the courage to go back to church. Sadly, the priest had just died the week before, but I stayed in the parish and have had a conversion of spirit there. It is a wonderful parish, very much involved in helping the poor and teaching the young. I’m singing in the choir again, and loving it.

When I saw what your School is doing I was so happy.

Dear Deacon Keith,

My family has frequently utilized the daily readings videos and I feel optimistic about what will become with your online Catholic school.

Hi Deacon,

What inspired me was your caveat “to go out and spread the gospel to the world.”
Keep the faith alive.

Dear Deacon Keith,

You are welcome. Whenever I want an answer to something I question re:Catholicism, I use you web site. I felt compelled to donate something when you had a message, that I used your site often, come up.

I am a recent 87 year old widow and would hope that you do not give any of my information to anyone else. This happens so often to me and I sometimes wonder how others get it.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Deacon Keith,

My family and I are on fire with the Holy Spirit! We try to give all that we have to building the Kingdom, Christ’s Church! We don’t have many fiscal resources. We do give a fair amount of our time. Currently, we (my wife and I) are involved in the following ways in our Church Parish:

1. Sacristan & Eucharistic Minister
2. New Evangelization Leaders
3. ACTS Leaders
4. RCIA teachers
5. Elementary Faith Formation teacher
6. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd teacher
7. Member of Knights of Columbus
8. Supporters and members of Little Flowers
9. Leaders of the Drive Thru Bethlehem ministry
10. Leaders of the Live Passion of the Christ ministry

Faith formation is key. Faith formation that starts with the parents having a deeply personal relationship with Christ, that regularly recieve Christ in the flesh, is key.

May God bless you with a bountiful harvest. Amen.

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
Dodd & Katerina

Hello Deacon,

It is this time of year – compassion calling for action.

Happy Holidays from a Lutheran Protestant 🙂

Aloha Deacon Keith!

I received your reply I will be in touch frequently, Have a Blessed New Year to come! God Bless!😇

Dear Deacon Keith,

I know it takes a lot of Money to Run these schools and just felt like the Right thing to Do!

God Bless…

Thank you Deacon Keith!

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season!

Wishing you a blessed and successful new year 2019!

Hi Deacon Keith and Your Catholic Voice Foundation,

I’ve been accessing Catholic Online daily now for more than a year for Deacon Keith’s Daily Readings. I just thought it was time to give back for what I’ve received. I believe the school and the readings are the key to keeping our Catholic faith alive and available.

Best regards from Alcala, Madrid, Spain

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was prompted to give as I am a convert from Mennonite faith and it has been and remains a long difficult path for me. I am helped a great deal by the prayers accessible on your site as well as the scripture readings which are much simpler to read on a computer than in my Bible.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Keep the word of god and prayers open to all who want to learn. Thank you. I’m glad to do at least a little.

I’ll be doing my rosarys,

Hi Deacon Keith,

I reference the daily readings of Bible and Psalms as I recently started Cantering at our parish Church in Worcester NY (St. Joseph’s).

I live on a tight budget. Therefore I do not shop on your website. Today, as the end of the year approaching I wanted to show my gratitude and support.

Thank you for maintaining this website and also providing free online classes!

Thanks again for maintaining all the readings and psalms!


Dear Deacon Keith,

I listen to the readings every morning and needed to contribute so that the readings will continue.

Dear Deacon Keith,

You inspired me. Your work inspired me. Your mission inspired me

Love you


Dear Deacon Keith,

Thank you for your email. I always visit the Your Catholic Voice Foundation website and am impressed with the work you carry out. It does take a lot of effort in making
this successful and I noted that you needed help to keep this mission going, I
felt the need to reach out. My contribution is not much, nonetheless, it comes
from the depths of my heart. Rest assured I will always continue to help as much
and as often as I can. Please keep me in your prayers. My daughter and I are
struggling to cope up with the loss of my husband who passed away on the 19th Aug. after battling pancreatic cancer.

Kind regards,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was reading and saying the Litany to the Blessed Mother , when I saw the pop up of you and your note. I thought I would give a little something that I could right now.

Dear Deacon Fournier:

This is my 4th month as a Roman Catholic, having been confirmed last Assumption Day. I’m an educator by profession, and support education as much as I can.

I’m still in the classroom as a “Dedicated Sub”… working with the urban poor. Now that I’m Catholic, I want to help promote Mother Church by deepening my Faith, Hope and Charity, as well as to help others find Our Lord.

I’m praying the Rosary only occasionally. Im 72 years young with memory challenges, going deaf and now my mind wanders!

When I saw this class on the Rosary, I immediately signed on. The inspiration comes from a yearning to have Mary deeply within. I need Her wise council. I love Her.

I want to help keep this online school free. I pledge to continue paying, as I can. ( $5 every 5 months). I am working to eliminate debt in 6 months.

Perhaps we’ll meet someday. I have been looking at Chesapeake to be a church home; it’s closer to my daughter ( near Warrenton), the Atlantic, and there is a Latin Mass there at Saint Benedict’s.

My daughter ‘s conversion led to my conversion- she found both St. Margaret Mary Church in Oakland and St. Benedict Church in Chesapeake .I love the Latin Mass- so holy.

Pray for me to have the mental clarity and courage make the move. The plan is to finish the school year, visit St. Benedict’s this Summer, and sell my condo between June- December of 2019.

I grew up in Washington, DC. I think living in VA, closer to family, would be more comfortable. The CA climate is nice, but there’s no place like home, and my heart is with family.

I’m currently attending St. Margaret Mary in Oakland CA. I about dropped the phone, when I saw That Chesapeake is your residence!

Canon Meney, my spiritual advisor, says to make sure this is God’s will- so, when I saw the Chesapeake connection, I thought, “yes! This is it!!”

Forgive me. I’m rambling.

God bless you and your vocation!
In Christ,

Deacon Keith,

I think your website offers many opportunities for people just like me. I have never read the Bible mainly because I am such a slow reader and comprehension
Is a big challenge for me……I find myself going back to re-reading and just can’t make any headway. I recorded the movie Jesus and have watched it several times
Just to learn as much as possible.

I will make more donations as I finally sit down to study the website videos. Also, wanted to let you know that I am 60 years old, life long Catholic

Many thanks,


Hi Keith! (Or should it be ‘Deacon Keith’?)

I’m from and in the Philippines, actually. I access your website for the day’s reading every once in a while during weekdays, & always before anticipated mass for the Sunday readings, on weekends.

Your evangelizing work is critically important in these difficult times. I pray that my donation, though small & insignificant, may help even just a tiny bit in your work.

May God’s boundless graces be with you and the school always.

Merry Christmas & a Blessed new year to you.

Dear Deacon Keith,

It was the pop up when I visited the site, but I’m happy to donate as I appreciate having a reliable source to go to for information about our faith!

Dear Deacon Keith,

Good questions and good multiple choice answers to choose from, I liked it, self paced!

Rated 5 out of 5

Dear Deacon Keith,

It was very informative and showed me areas I need to concentrate on in order to grow spiritually and defend our faith.

Rated 5 out of 5

Hello Deacon,

I read quite a bit and want to know God better. I attend mass weekly. I`ve had a shady past of which I`m truly repentful and remorseful..I am desperately trying to atone for my past as I need God`s mercy and help.

I also want to have my daughter baptized and my wife to come back to Church and one more desire I have is to never forget the Souls in Purgatory. The more I learn and follow God`s plan for me it`ll be easier for me.

Thanks for Your time

Deacon Keith,

I love the school as is…i find so much info, plus learned quite a bit too! thank you for your hard work!

Dear Deacon Keith,

You inspired me

Dear Deacon Keith,

Thanks for getting in touch. The Christmas season has been unusually busy. Will attend to this when things are less busy.

Thanks so much.

Auckland, NZ

Dear Deacon Keith,

I like the daily readings and cannot always access them from my local bulletin so I occasionally use your website.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was looking up a prayer (the Benedictus) and your support request
pop-up covered over my search. So I sent a small donation. God bless
you in you good work. – Joe.

Hi Deacon Keith.

I was inspired to donate because I use Catholic online regularly and it is Christmas, a time of giving and sharing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless your work and the work of the Foundation.

Love & blessings
Melissa from Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Merry Christmas. I went online to read the daily gospel and I saw the request for a donation. I am a member of the Apostleship of Prayer and for some reason I didn’t get my December brochure, I’ve been going online daily to get the Gospel readings this month. I’m happy to donate.

God bless you for the work you do.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I used to praise and exult the Lord God daily with the Divine Praises and forgot a few lines so I did a search and Preston! I was on your website reading the Divine Praises. I may take some of your Bible classes after the new year. I’ll definitely check out your website further.

May God bless us with His intense light this Christmas Eve.

Graciously in Christ,


Hello Deacon,

I grad my small contribution has been appreciated.

What inspired me to donate is my belief in one God and in Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour and in the Holy Spirit, and also the love of belonging to the caring catholic community.

May the Lord bless your wonderful works.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Thanks i am very inspired with Catholic online school.

How should I contact you my soul is ready to accept it

Hi Deacon Keith,

I really appreciate your vocation and efforts at providing free catholic education – worldwide!

I pray for you.

Godspeed on your endeavors,


Dear Deacon Keith,

Such a lovely school

Hello Deacon Fournier!

I truly enjoy the online classes, & use them quite a bit. they are so informative, & also fun to take the tests! i know that donations help to keep this available to everyone. i just wish i could donate more, or participate in a monthly donation, but having a severe heart condition & being on SS disability monthly payments, i cant afford it.

i will donate again when i have a little extra money again. this is something that is very important to me. i took it as a sign, that st. elizabeth seton was a featured course today, since i was just at seton medical center right after thanksgiving for 4 days! the sisters of charity/seton medical center absorbed most of my hospital bill, as they had done for previous hospital stays. thank you for the wonderful courses & evrything else on cathlic online!

many blessings to all of you there, & wishing you a merry christmas!

Dear Deacon Keith,

I donated because I believe this is a great way to learn about the Catholic Faith

Hi Deacon,

I admire the action that catholic schools do, because they teach more than just academic things, they teach values and faith formation, things that are unvaluable and that help a person during all his life.

Hope that a lot of people donate, wish you the best,

God bless you and Merry Christmas,


Dear Deacon Keith,

I’m grateful to have found a reliable source of information. Until a year ago, I’d been away from the church for 50 years. I’m trying to refresh my memory for many things about the faith and liturgy.

Dear Deacon Keith,

The reason I donated was because I’m a former Catholic school teacher. I say “former” because our school closed last year. Our community lost a wonderful institution touching many lives through the Catholic faith.

Personally, I’m still grieving the loss. You’re providing an amazing ministry and I firmly believe our world needs the Catholic Church to survive today’s daily trials and tribulations.

God bless you and all at YCVF. My prayers are with you.

Merry Christmas and blessings to you in the New Year.

In Jesus through Mary,

Dear Deacon Keith,

A hunger to grow in my faith. A hunger to develop a closer
relationship with Christ Jesus. So, that I might better communicate my

Dear Deacon Keith,

It is my great honor, Deacon Keith. To have shared such a small amount to the living Church established by our SAVIOUR is NOTHING compared to the graces that HE has showered me & my family.

Dear Deacon

I’m impressed by the way you proclaim the gospel and bringing it to life😊.

My husband is a communion minister and will be using your website during his visits to the homebound.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

God bless you,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I have found comfort watching your daily readings and the site’s other great video contents. I am also in the process of learning to get to know the Lord better and found the site helpful in my journeys. I would like you to be able to continue the good work so more people can benefit and be saved.


Dear Deacon Keith,

I gift for the best gift ever Jesus Christ

I gave because I love the Catholic Church and I love everything about the Bible and Jesus’s mission of love

Merry Christmas Deacon Keith

Dear Deacon Keith,

I believe in what you are doing, appreciate the fact that you have encouraged me in my writing apostolate and that you have so generously published some of my blog posts over the years. May God bless your work on His behalf and use you to save countless souls who might otherwise been lost. Merry Christmas.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I just went to confession for the first time in years and your site was instrumental in my reconciliation with God and in preparing for my confession. Thank you for sharing with us via the site.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I read the daily mass readings each day and felt that I had to support your ministry which makes it so easy for me to get those readings.

Hello Deacon,

I am a catholic widow on a diminishing budget. Each day I do breathing treatments on a nebulizer machine. During my morning one I do my bible readings for the day & prayers. I stumbled upon your website & truly feel blessed to hear the readings. I have multiple health issues, but have been blessed in many ways. I feel your readings are a blessing from God too.

Thank you.

Dear Deacon,

I believe, as a Catholic, that if I ask for a lot of favors I shall give some.back…
I am from the Dominican Republic and attend the Heraldos del Evangelio services.
Grateful for my Church and its people and the favors I’ve received…no more no less…

Salve Maria;

Dear Deacon Keith,

I have just returned to the Catholic Church after being away 35 yrs. I wasn’t unchurched because I went to the Evangelical Free Church. I had missed Holy Communion, and the Sacraments.

Deacon Keith,

I am a Catholic from birth but drifted away over time. As I become older I feel
A desire to re-embrace my religion and find your readings inspirational.
It seems the more I read and listen, the more I grow spiritually and with
Retirement closer all the time, I hope to accelerate my involvement with
Our religion. I believe the church needs us now more than ever and truly
Believe she will survive with our collective help.

God bless you and your
Staff. Keep up the good work.

Deacon Keith,

Count me in.

Thank you. Kathy

Dear Deacon Keith,

I enjoy your daily readings…life is so hectic now-a-days that I find a few moments in prayer and scripture unites me with Christ and keeps me focused on Him and His graces offered to me each day…thank you for the readings..

God Bless

Dear Deacon Keith,

Merry Christmas! You inspired me to give Deacon. I love what you are doing and I pray that the Word of the Lord, offering salvation to all, will reach many souls!

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am reading daily bible readings from www.catholic.org and also forward to my whastapp groups. It is really very useful to us. So, I like to contribute at least little bit to the Catholic Online School.

Thanking you. Praise the Lord. Ave Maria.

F.L.S. Prabhahar

Hello Deacon Fournier,

I was actually doing a quick search to see if there was a Saint Alicia. I was listening to Relevant Radio and there was talk of the significance of our confirmation name. I was 12 when I made my confirmation and at the time didn’t understand that I had to choose a saint’s name as my confirmation name. I was young, my parents made me go and I really didn’t pay attention in my religious education classes. So, my confirmation name is my own name. That is why I was looking. That search led me to your web site. Being a cradle Catholic that didn’t “live Catholic” most of her life, but has come back into the Faith in the last 4 years, I’m working on learning more. The more I learn the more I want to learn, the more I feel God in my life the more I want to be close to Him. So, I donated what I could afford because I think these resources are very important. I want them there to be available to anyone who may need them, including my kids who, because of my having fallen away, though they were baptized and made their first communion, never made their confirmation. I am praying that they are somehow guided back to the Church and if these types of resources are available for them to help them on their way, that would be great.

Thank you very much for having these resources available, and I will continue to donate as I am able.

God Bless you,

Dear Deacon Keith Fournier

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
I always want to track your teachings but fail because I’m in third world this means my economy is not good for regular communication I do not have specific equipment, if I need this service I need to give a lot of money, so I get a little bit and get in giving access to contacts. In other words I frequently use internetcafe
I long for all the days of my life here on earth to our Lord is guide me to recognize His presence and majesty, to enable me to follow and love Him according to His will.

When we finish the advent and enter the joy of welcoming the baby Jesus then I want you every good for Christmas party and new year 2019

I Wish you all the best


Dear Deacon Keith,

I donated because I am a constant user of your website and I plan on learning through your Catholic online school. Even though I have graduated through the basic Sunday School/CCD classes and have been confirmed, I have been looking to refamiliarize myself with everything, starting at the beginning. Your school is finally the resource I have been looking for. I want to learn but I am disabled and must go at my own slow pace, therefore the online format is perfect for me. Thank you for this opportunity. I could only donate $5 because I am disabled and have a very small income but I would have donated more if I could and may in the future. I also liked your picture!

My prayers are with you for the success of your 3 initiatives,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I use this site all the time for prayers, knowledge, and other stuff Catholic related. I read the heal broken relationship prayer and it was very helpful. Currently in the midst of a broken relationship. The prayer is worth more than what I donated. Thank you for your services. Please keep me in your prayers as do I for you. God Bless!

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was reminded by your request of how much I access Catholic Online whenever I’m looking for something especially prayers.

Thank you for all you do to educate everyone.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I have been saying the Advent Wreath prayer with my family.

Thank you and God bless!

Merry Christmas!


Hi Deacon,

I’m a DRE who is always looking for new ways to help teach the faith, especially by bringing the faith into the home where the tool can help re-catechize parents and empower them to teach to and discuss our faith with their children.

Thank you for your ministry. I look forward to checking out many more of the site’s offerings.

Peace in Christ,

Hello Deacon:

After a long battle mostly of my own accord, I have returned to the church of my baptism and confirmation. As such, I was compelled to donate to your labor of love, as I regularly donate to my home parish.

Dr. Jose

Dear Deacon Keith,

Thanks for the nice words about the Birth of Jesus Christ may you be blessed.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I had been looking for an easy site for daily readings and found it there.
I also saw the educational and informational services the organization provides. You have a great presentation, which I enjoy. With that said, that is why I decided to donate.


Hello Deacon Keith,

I would say the Holy Spirit. Thank you for all you do.

Merry Christmas.

Denver, CO

Thank you Deacon Keith Fourier!
Merry Christmas!

God bless you brother!.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am happy to help the children to know more about Jesus, and to live like Jesus everyday. I want to continue my mission in discipleship.

Thank you and more power.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I read the “Readings” web site daily. A request for contribution popped up.

Greetings Deacon Keith ,

I have enjoyed your Daily Video Readings and Gospel for a long while and found comfort and guidance in them.

I have just dipped into a few Saint Flash Cards , which was enlightening to read about St Francis of Assisi and his important and influential spiritual and material associations of that century.

I have been interested in reading catholic apologetics recently on The Kingdom of Heaven.

This would be of great interest to me to learn much more of the catholic view about The Kingdom of Heaven , sometimes experienced here on earth and the blessed hope of attaining eternal felicity in Jesus Christ , where all our troubles will fade away into the light.

I enjoyed the style and clear modern format of YCVF.

Kind Regards and Blessings,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am very impressed with your charismatic daily readings Deacon Keith. I believe Your Catholic Voice Foundation is a beacon of hope for Catholics throughout the world in these worrying times.

God Blesss…


I recently joined our parish’s This Man Is You men’s ministry.

The ministry is reviewing the gospel of John and it was suggested we read it. I found your organization online and have been reading John’s gospel when I have open periods of time in my calendar.

Thank you for your gift of the online gospels and the work you do.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!


Dear Deacon Keith,

I appreciate reading along with you the daily readings to prepare myself for mass. When you asked for just a little donation of around $5, I thought that I could do that.

God bless you and your ministry.

Deacon Keith,

I listen to you most everyday and your words to come to me as though I was actually there hearing them as they were originally spoken.

You have a gift, obviously given by our Dear Lord, to share and spread the word through your voice, as I believe, it was meant to be delivered.

I hope my small and insignificant gift helps in some small way.

Merry Christmas.


Deacon Keith,

I can only describe myself as a lapsed Catholic. sadly. However my dear wife died in August last year, she converted to Catholicism before we married, we married in my local church, it was lovely we had a full mass and the church was full, I had been the head altar boy and attended mass most days. We moved several times to facilitate my work, my wife always had a deep belief and closeness to the Lord, she practiced her beliefs by attending the church she felt most comfortable in, C of E and finally at our final home in Shropshire, she became the Junior Church Leader and Treasurer of the Church Ladies network at the Methodist church, she was totally committed to God and a wonderful wife and Mother to our 3 children and 6 Grand children. She asked to be cremated, I initially was uncomfortable with this, but I read up the church teaching and followed the rules exactly as laid down, Her ashes now lie in the local cemetery with a beautiful marble memorial, I have requested to be placed above her.

I am now in constant prayer to the Lord, however I am disabled and have several health issues which restrict me to my home.

I hope I have not gone on too much, I signed up to receive your newsletter but have not received the confirmation e-mail.

Best regards

Dear Deacon Keith,

I am a convert to Catholicism, it will be 4 years this Easter but I have been coming « home » for much longer. I am a member of the apostolate of Spiritual directors, qualified after 4 years training at the Iganatian Center in Montréal, Québec Canada. My studies of St. Ignatius, the exercises and indeed the books and retreats of Fr. Tim Gallagher OMV on Ignatian spirituality all played a very large part in my conversion. Also a devotion to the Blessed Virgin began with attending Pastoral care ministry schools with the late Mrs. Leanne Payne as she would always call on Mother Mary’s intercessions when praying for women. I pray to the saints often and am always curious when doing my daily readings if it is a feast day of a Saint I’m not familiar with. When I google the saints name – it is often to your site I’m referred, and so am thankful! Every New Years I go to Jennifer Furwilers site to choose new saints, for each member of my family, to pray to for the year.

I am the spiritual director at the Newman Center at McGill university and have 5 directees, with whom I am privileged to share their prayer lives.

Bless you in your ministry and all who work with you. The harvest is plentiful but the workers few so as we say in French – Bon courage!

In Christ,


Dear Deacon Keith,

There were three reasons:
1. the website this foundation is under helped me with a paper for one of my last classes college to which I’m now graduating.

2. Because the site asked very nicely for it, and I’m a sucker for politeness

3. God

p.s. tell no one I did this, no foundation under God shall ever crumble, May He be with you

Dear Deacon Keith,

I donated because I am blessed with some extra money this holiday season I also google Catholic questions all the time and I want sites like yours to be there when I need them. This is my first experience with you site but I intend to explore you site more in the future.

Thank you for all that you do.


Dear Deacon Keith,

I recently found out about Catholic online a few months ago and all the knowledge content therein. I was not aware that so much knowledge about our faith and religion could be gained from one website. More importantly, rather than reading the Daily Readings, I like following along listening to the voice of Deacon Keith. I absorb more that way and Deacon Keith has such a powerful, yet pleasant voice to listen to.

Also, my hearing isn’t the greatest and Deacon Keith word annunciation is perfect and I have no problem understanding his words, which is one of my weaknesses…trying to hear, listen, and understand public speakers…even at mass sometimes depending on the readers of the word. At any point,

Thank you for this opportunity to learn more and I will try and contribute more as I can since I am retired on fixed income.

Dear Deacon Keith,

As a Catholic, I try to live right, do good and be helpful to all. I always put my children first and ask for little. I am, however struggling with work / life balance and pray for help with that. My increased stress level is almost too much and need the help of prayer from others. I ask that you please pray for me and that help with work will come.

Thank You

Good afternoon, Deacon Keith.

I have found and shared several articles from your website as I searched for Catholic resources for:
Social media posts
Catholic Chat group

When I searched St. Lucy after daily mass today, your page popped up and also the request for financial support. I had just received my commission check so I decided to share🤓

Our family is praying for you.

God bless you and your work!

Dear Deacon Keith,

I was inspired to donate because I have been doing an Advent prayer regimen using the book “Give Us This Day.” The daily mass readings and prayers are a part of the regimen and two feast days, for St Ambrose and Saint Lucy were a few days ago and today respectively.

I wanted to know a little about these saints and wound up at your site.
Thanks for being there.


Dear Deacon Keith,

Thank you for that email Deacon Keith. I was inspired to donate because I feel I am too fortunate and have the opportunity to share the gifts God has bestowed upon me with everyone. I very much appreciate what you have chosen to do in life and it makes me believe I can help out as well.

Dear Deacon Keith,

The love for my faith and the desire to see continued growth and strengthening of the catholic faith especially among the youth.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Many thanks for your emails.
I am trying my best. As a returner
to the Faith after 39 years
I have a lot to learn. I am
70 in Feb but that’s not an excuse.

God bless

Dear Deacon Keith,

A few years ago I was led to this site as I was searching for a site that would read aloud the days readings. Thanks be to God and to you I am able to hear the readings each day proclaimed by you!

It is how I start each day (even before coffee!)

May God bless this ministry, as it’s been a blessing to me.

In prayer,


Hi Deacon,

Catholic on Line is a part of my life everyday so why wouldn’t I donate you folks are like family.

All the best and a Blessed Christmas to you and your team,


Hello Deacon Keith,

I am a 52 year old cradle Catholic working to broaden my faith. I have had a feeling for many years that I should serve God and my neighbors in the role of a deacon. As I continue my spiritual journey and continue to consider entering the local School of Diocanate Studies, I often go to websites such as yours for information and inspiration.

Because I truly appreciate the work you are doing, I felt I should offer a donation to your school

Thank you for all the work you are doing. Have a wonderful Christmas!

God bless you,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I donated because I find so much interesting and inspiring items on Catholic Online, just wanted to pay back a little, not much, I am 85 and on a limited income.

Dear Deacon Keith,

I visit Catholic Online a lot, namely to say many different prayers. I thought it would be a good idea to provide financial support, especially for a Catholic organization.


Dear Deacon Keith,

I am dealing with an addict with one of my children since he was a teenager. His an adult now. He just was release from jail and his back to his habit. Prayers and trusting the almighty is what keeps my sanity. His 47 years and I thought he would changed for the better but his addiction overpowers him. You asked what on my mind. This is always on my mind. My son and I can’t communicate cause it leads to an argument, so I just leave him alone and hopefully my prayers will be answered before I leave this world. I’m also a widow. My husband passed away last year.

Dear Deacon Keith,

While I don’t have much, I believe in God and His Church and the work it does. There is no end to the voices accusing the Church and we need to reply with kindness and information. Our structure as humanity must rely on the higher principles of sharing, kindness, and love.

May God help us all!

Dear Deacon Keith,

Your readings are such a blessing for me!
I am a lector at my parish, Our Lady of Fatima. And I recognize the importance of proclaiming and spreading the word of God.

May God bless you abundantly!

Dear Deacon Keith,

“Please hit the reply button and let me know what inspired you”

My holy Mother Mary. 💖

Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Dear Deacon Keith,

I love this! Im having a blast being able to do this at home. Having autoimmune disease, I can’t always plan a day. Thank you and THANK YOU FATHER! I love you!

Rated 5 out of 5

Hello Deacon Keith,

I was doing some web surfing looking for a particular prayer, a Catholic prayer that is often said during mass… at least on the televised version. While surfing the internet, I found your website and your many different prayers. After looking around, I saw that you offered schooling and many other things that would be of great benefit to the Catholic Church.

I decided that I would like to have one of your downloadable prayers so I donated $5. Thank you Deacon Keith…. keep up the good work.


Dear Deacon Keith Fournier

I watch the reading of the gospel everyday and I congratulate you in being able to bring the readings to life. May God bless you and all your team. I shall be praying for you .


Hello Deacon!

Thank-you for your kind response. I donated because I always use the resources on catholic online. Also, in a world that constantly tries to suppress the catholic faith, having outlets like catholic online is very helpful! I will keep donating as long as I have!

Best Wishes,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I feel spiritually enriched when I listen to your bible readings. They are, or you are excellent !! That’s why i wish to make the periodic donation.

Many thanks again,

Hello Deacon Keith,

I love the Free on line Novena classes & resources offered by the school, as a student i am growing in my faith to our mother lady Guadeloupe , and Lord Jesus Christ our lord and our savior, its s blessing to be pat of your school,Please pray to lord and to mother lady of Guadalupe for me for my relationship and carrier .

Thank you,

Dear Deacon Keith,

Among the best Catholic education sites!

God Bless!

Dear Deacon Keith,

While I use Catholic Online quite often it is the first time that I SAW a request for a donation, so the Spirit moved me. I am retired so not in a position to make a monthly donation.

May the Advent & Christmas season bring you many blessings and peace.


Hi Deacon Keith,

I have been praying with your Daily Readings for some years now.

What inspired me to donate?

For some people, especially those with poor reading skills, an expressive voice helps bring out the meaning in the text. In this, I would say that your Daily Readings series are effective in inspiring.

Likewise, well-produced Audio-Visual programmes also help bring out the lessons from the black-and-white pages and make the Bible come alive for children. And I know how difficult and costly it is to produce good material.

I am retired. I only hope my small donation will help with your cause. I am recommending your material to my circle of friends from my church, including some members of the Parish Pastoral Council and the Catechist Ministry.

May the Lord bless your ministry and multiply its fruits this year. Have a Blessed New Year!

God Bless,
Vincent E.

Deacon Keith,

I am a “Cradle” Catholic. I recently returned to the Church at the age of 77. When I saw there were instructions online, I was thrilled. My Catholic education stopped when I was in the third grade. I want to find out all I can about My Catholic Religion.

Sincerely, Judy

Deacon Keith,

Each time when I hear the Word of God, I feel I am very spiritually connected again.

Dear Deacon Keith,

Thank you very much. Your mission is well appreciated.

Praying for you. God bless.

Fr. Gnanapragasam.
From Sri Lanka.

Hi Deacon Keith,

I woke up, wanted to pray – a rarity for me – and thought “Blessed be God” and as I am frightfully old and memory is poor I could not remember the rest of the words which we uttered at school after the showing of the Blessed Sacrament at Benediction. So I googled “Blessed be God” and up came The Divine Praises, for a millisecond, only to be swept from my vision by a statement saying “I see you are a regular visitor to this website” or words conveying similar meaning, and asking for a donation. So I thought “how terribly American” but was otherwise amused, and donated before I could change my mind. God bless


Dear Deacon Fournier,

I have been using the resource on the website for access to prayers and novenas. And I thought that i need to give back so that others like me would have the same access to the information and possibly help someone’s faith grow more.

Thank you.

Deacon Keith,

I love listen to the daily reading, it starts me off on the right foot !! Thanks you !!


Deacon Keith,

I donated because I use your online daily scripture study. It is an easy and accessible way to do my scripture reading; and it reminds me as soon as I turn on my computer that it is there, so I don’t get involved in other things I have to do first. Thank you


Deacon Keith,

I am a 74 year old shut in and you read the Bible to me each day. Thank you.

Deacon Keith,

Thank you very much for motivating me on prayer. Lord Jesus used to pray the whole night for Peace.

Lord Jesus Christ said in Mark 9: 29 This can be driven out only by prayer


Hello Dean Keith

I have worked for 27 years for non for profit. I work with people who experience homelessness, addiction and mental health issues. I want to give to others education.

Bless you


Deacon Keith,

I was taught by catechists when I was young, grade 2, in elementary. There were also volunteer catechists in high sch. I am grateful to them

I studied MA Religious Education,because a friend sister of the Religious Of Assumption told me, it could help me in my numerous questions.

Although I did not finish it, 30 units, thru scholarship, my classmates complained that I was enjoying the scholarship but I was an Engineering graduate and working in a computer service, it helped me a lot.


Dear Deacon Fournier and Your Catholic Voice Foundation,

I have been so blessed ever since I became a Catholic in 2013 and ever since I found your daily readings online! I have even shared it with others. When I saw the information about the online Catholic school, I was overjoyed, being an educator and home-school mom myself. Godly education with the Bible and the teachings of the Church is dear to my heart, and I am so happy you began this wonderful work – I know it will bless many, many families! May the Lord bless you and all you do for His glory! – Emily

Deacon Keith,

I am a cradle Catholic but further understanding is welcome.


Deacon Keith,

When God said, ” My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge of God.” All my life I have been listening to different preachers around the world.Some say the words which make someone sick and some say words which makes someone happy, think, rejoice, love God more, or some say words which stop someone to go to church any more.

In my country we listened to a preacher who was Father J.Bill .He had words which could force everyone in the village or city to go and listen him.
Do you the differences of preachers?

I suggest this: What happens if people who have gifts of Holy spirit are recognised and are sent to different areas to help those who lack the God’s knowledge?
Thanks for all you do.

I am happy to be on Catholic online to share.

Dear Deacon Keith

I am new to the US and I am growing in faith and I would do anything I can to spread the Lord ‘s word. Because currently I am not working I did a humble donation. I would do a lot more with anything I can afford.

I am currently a volunteer catechist in my community . I hold a theology diploma from my country Lebanon and I can speak fluently French Arabic and improving in English. And I have intention to attend next fall the Spiritual Director program.

Anything I can help with my skills do not hesitate to ask me. God bless you to keep going with what you do. I am proud to be in touch with you.

Nadwa (Rose)

Deacon Keith,

My desire to be of little help to society in my small way.I believe in helping others,spreading love. I’m so troubled by my own problems,by helping others – if not financially always-makes me happy.that I’m serving humanity in some way.And most importantly spreading the love Jesus Christ!thank you.


Hi Deacon Keith,

I just want to help as many people as i can to be with the Father in heaven as saints.

In Christ,

Deacon Keith,

I think the holy spirit directed me to this email that i have been subscribed to for a while now i need to learn more about my catholic faith if i want to teach my children, to follow the lords word i must follow first! Thank you!


Deacon Keith,

I start every morning by watching your daily readings, they are a blessing! I want to help spread the word of God and Jesus Christ to the world, so I am compelled to contribute. Keep your good works going in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and savior!


Deacon Keith,

I want to thank you for all of the good work you are doing with the Catholic Online School. I have joined the Daily Readings Class, and when I am able, to take the time to listen and reflect on the daily readings with you, I truly gain a lot of valuable insight that helps me grow in my faith. Thank you…!

I balance your program with Laudate’s reflections (the mobile #1 Catholic app), Father Al’s reflections from Presentation Ministries, and Sister Anne Shields’ reflections from Renewal Ministries. Each time no matter what program I listen to the Holy Spirit speaks to me and helps me on faith journey.

I am grateful to live in an age, where so many wonderful Catholic Evangelist are easily and readily made available and blessed, to be able, to access all of this information at my fingertips.

May the good Lord continue, to bless you and your ministry, and help you continue, to lead Catholics back to the church, and help raise the next generations of Evangelist for His Church…!


Hi Deacon Keith,

I am an ardent listener of your daily Bible readings, Deacon Keith.

I appreciate this service you provide. You encourage young Christians like me to grow in our Catholic faith every day.

You are an inspiration.

Thank you!

God bless you! Praise the Lord!



Deacon Keith,

Almost two years ago I needed to hear the Gospel, the truth, some good words. I found exactly what I was searching for on your site. It’s the first thing I do when I start my day. “Man does not live by bread alone” and the readings always fill that need in my heart and soul.

Thank you Deacon Keith for your faith and what you and your foundation do. It is needed now more than ever and we are listening.

Bless you.

Hello Deacon Keith,

Thank you very much for this tremendous work that you are doing.

What inspired me to donate is the course “daily readings”. It is a unique way to start or finish the day to read and listen the daily reading of the mass. It is incredible that I am in Argentina, and we are reading the same lectures in all the catholic churches in the planet.

One suggestion, probably it would be a good idea is to have this service as an app for the mobile phone.

Thank you very much
God bless you

Deacon Keith,

I am appreciative what your website provides for me and my kids. I want my kids to learn about Jesus and his life. It’s so hard to teach kids in this world. They missed the justice of right or wrong actions. We need all good and helpful classes for parents and kids.

Thank you so much for your time and talent.

Deacon Keith,

Praise the LORD wow you make me happy me and you is not accident then
is true I Am alex my country is kenya and am a christian i love JESUS

Deacon Keith,

Jolly afternoon, may God bless you more donations so you can fulfill your Mission.

I am a Catholic and we need more of this kind


Hello Deacon Keith,

I am glad to hear from you. How can I contribute to your mission here in Nigeria apart from participating in your online programs. I teach mathematics and regularly volunteer in an orphanage in addition offering 15 hours of free coaching a week.

I studied electrical engineering, statistics and philosophy. Currently, I am planning to take a masters in divinity starting from Fall 2019.


Hello Deacon Keith,

The pop up advertisement inspired me to donate, and although I usually donate to Australian Charities, I am sure your school benefits many Australians.

Kind Regards,

Hello Deacon Keith,

I’m very honored and grateful to be able to donate even a small amount to the foundation. I was raised in the Catholic religion and I’ve always wanted to delve deeper into my faith, but found it difficult to obtain the right resources. Having a Catholic Online School is of great benefit to many.

I was inspired to donate when I saw an advertisement for your cause which mentioned that if everyone gave only $10, your goal would be reached in a small amount of time. I wanted to be part of those who helped achieve your goal and I always jump at the opportunity to donate to causes that help others discover their faith.

Thank you for your time and services.

Kind regards,

Dear Deacon Keith,
I attended Mass this morning on the feast of St. Edmund, martyr, who is the patron of the diocese of East Anglia here in England. As I knew nothing about him, I searched and picked your site, it being Catholic.
Thank you for listing him and for the brief life details attached to the picture.
As I was using your service, I thought it fair to support your work. Praise the Lord!

Hello Deacon Keith,

Though my donation is just a small amount, it’s from my heart. I want to increase it someday because I want to be a tithing Catholic and spread 10% of my income by giving to various charities, missions and during offerings in the Holy Mass. Am I right in this kind of tithing? Pls advise.


Hello Deacon Keith,

I’ve used your readings for sometime now and seen the donation pop ups but have never really bothered to read them. I’ve been going through tough times in my life and even though sometimes I feel like I’m so far away from God I know he is always there for me and loves me.

Through your readings I also feel like he speaks to me and anything that will bring me closer to him is what I need and want. My suffering is great but I know it’s for a reason. I believe we are all human and make human mistakes but God still loves us.

The readings show me that and I felt that by donating it might help to keep this message you spread going and help others like its helped me.

Thank you. I love our God so much and he is awesome.

Deacon Keith,

I find that I am able to get answers to many questions that I have.

Thank you.

Hello Deacon Keith,

I donated because I think its great you provide easily-accessible education on the Catholic faith. There’s so much to learn and even though I’m a cradle Catholic, I know there is so much I still don’t know! I especially like learning the history behind many practices and prayers.



Thank you Deacon Keith,

I am a frequent User and Visitor to the catholic online website. I pray the Psalms, search for bible passages, prayers, Mass Readings for the day etc. I always wanted to donate to Catholic Resources and when a pop up appeared, I felt moved to donate.

It is a great resource and I will be donating from time to time

God Bless You Deacon

Hello Deacon Keith,

I’m inspired because it is expensive and time consuming to get Catholic Ed so every avenue must be used to reach people. It might be nice to give your students a personal connection with a parish close to them so they could connect with the sacraments too

God bless your efforts

Hello Deacon Keith,

Lord be with you.

Think its such a wonderful idea, the setting up of a Catholic Online School.

Reminds me of when I was very small boy and learning Religious instructions and they were the earliest foundation of my learning about Jesus and Moses.

But sadly all that changed when my parents parted and life became very traumatic.

It was such a shame because that was the best time in my whole life. And of course the primary school I attended was also attached to a church which my father went to, also his brother and his father. So it would seem very much family tradition.

So as you will see the early years of any child in all the world is so very important that we nurture them for Love, and Peace.

God bless.

Hello Deacon Keith,

I am currently taking my RICA classes at my local parish, and wish to learn more. But, need to be able to do it at my own pace sometimes.

I appreciate your site and appreciative for everyone’s effort in helping me and others find our way.


Dear Deacon Keith,

I listen to you every morning when you narrate the Daily Readings with Catholic Online. I am hoping that when I retire in a few years time, I would love to be a student at the on-line school.

God Bless You and your wonderful work.

Hello Deacon Keith,

Everyday I hear ur voice or read the Word of God before meals, or anytime of the day. I like ur video creation to understand the daily word better. May God bless all of you


Hello Deacon Keith,

Catholic online has comforted me in a time of great personal sorrow.


Good morning Deacon Keith,

First, may I congratulate you on your wonderful work. Thank you for hosting this website.

To be honest, I really didn’t know about the on-line school but again, congratulations. To answer your question — my familiarity with your website is due to work I do in Brazil.

I’m a Maryknoll Lay Missioner (from the US) who serves incarcerated and homeless people in São Paulo, Brazil. As part of my work, I put together a 4 – 8 page Liturgy hand-out in English, and one in Spanish a few times a month. This is because one of the prisons I visit regularly hosts incarcerated foreign women in this city.

I learned quickly after arriving in 2016 that there were few English (or even Spanish) resources for foreigners, and thinking about how important the Liturgy is to me, in my native language, I started putting together this short product in English. After a few years of learning Portuguese, I realized that I could also figure out how to make the same product in Spanish. Although I speak no Spanish, I do speak Catholic 😉 and much of it is recognizable.

Anyway, I am used to doing quick internet searches to find prayers, homilies and saint stories and I often end up on your website. So, to answer your question about why I decided to donate today — when I saw your request for funds, I knew that as a frequent user of your services I would love to give, to help keep you strong and keep you sharing our faith.

Does that answer your question? (I’m attaching a sample of a Liturgical hand-out in English, I don’t remember exactly which items were from your website, I think it was probably the information about Saint Blaise, including your saint fun facts). Also attaching a photo of myself and some of my colleagues outside the women’s prison, waiting to enter. I’m the blonde in the striped shirt in the first photo (my husband, Jim, is in the green shirt). Other team members are 3 Brazilian volunteers, 2 religious sisters from Ireland, and a priest from Cabo Verde.

God bless you for what you do, and please let me know if you have any questions.

São Paulo, Brazil

Hello Deacon Keith,

I’m so grateful to to be a student in the catholic online school. I appreciate and enjoy the way its structured. God be our helper. As for now I’m ok with the setting. May be with time I will see if something needs to be include.


Hello Deacon Keith,

I frequent your site for my own personal research and understanding of our faith, Catholicism. I made the donation to support your efforts.


Hello Deacon Keith,

I am a retired 70 year old and I go to mass 6 days a week. In some old churches here in the UK the echo in a large chapel can “snuff out” any information. So every morning I log on to my laptop and Catholic.org is the site I go to first. Your readings are valued although I have a “day by day” booklet which is very accurate – but some mornings I go to mass and it will be a Requiem mass so the daily readings will have changed. Keep up the good work.

My Conscience inspired me to Donate – No. I did not know you ran an internet school – probably that.

Regards and God Bless

Hello Deacon Keith,

I’m about to be 72, am a convert, having been confirmed this last Assumption Day 2018; I am devoted to Catholic education. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Good Evening Deacon Fournier;

In the morning, I usually read the reading, then say the rosary. A while back, I came across your website, and now I listen to you, say the Daily Readings, then, the Saint of the Day. Then the Rosary. That morning, it popped up on my screen, just before your reading. It seemed, the right thing to do. Its a small amount. My income being retired, isn’t that much. And like I said, it was the right thing to do. I find you to be very inspiring, the first thing is the morning, to start my day off.

Thank you,

Hello Deacon Keith,

I try to contribute to Catholic charities that help express love of neighbor such as yours .. God bless.


Hello Deacon Keith,

I enjoy listening and reading your daily verses. Thank you for providing this ministry for us.


Hi Deacon Keith,

We all need to teach and proclaim the word of GOD and the daily readings send us a message. Praying the rosary daily is the strongest weapon against evil. Thank you for your work.


Hi Deacon Keith,

I start my work day at my desk by listening to you as you read the Gospel daily.
I try to start my day with the Word of God, to stay sane and keep my day to a less degree of stress.

So sorry for the small amount, but I am happy to hear that it will help you in your other activities – that hopefully will help others.

Thank you
God Bless you always,

Hi Deacon Keith,

The reason for the donation is that I found the site an inspiration to me so many resources so many prayers available it has allowed me to start and try to rebuild my relationship with GOD.


Dear Deacon,

Wishes of peace and joy at the very outset. This is Fr. Anish here from India. We are all ready to be the prayer warriors to change the world. God bless you and your endeavors.

United in Christ Jesus,
Fr. Anish

Dear Deacon Keith,

Thank you! I think it is great that the church is doing more online with education and reaching out to youth. It is essential. I recently saw that Jehovas Witnesses have a website and web videos on many topics that are relevant to kids and adolescents that a friend showed me and I thought wow this is so easy to access and a great tool. Their format is really well done. I thought wow the Catholic church should do something similar. It would be a powerful tool to have for kids and parents. Glad the church is starting to do more of this.

Thank you for your efforts,

Deacon Keith,

As I am interested in prayer requests I will be happy to fulfill God’s assignment.
I feel okey when I join those who pray for others. The whole world needs prayers from God.

I wish you blessings.


Dear Deacon Keith,

Greetings in Jesus! I am actually blessed to have found your website. I would like to honor and thank you for creating Catholic Online School.

I am working with the Catholic Filipino Academy, one of the few Catholic homeschool providers in the Philippines and founded by Bo Sanchez.

I will be introducing your website to our parents and I hope that many will be blessed using your curriculum. God bless you always and all your endeavors in propagating and strengthening the Catholic Faith.

With the love of Jesus,

Dear Deacon Keith,

The Catholic church has helped me so many times in my life. Once when I was homeless, the Cathedral of the Madeleine in UT fed me bologna sandwiches every day at 3:00. When I was a prostitute on the streets of Fresno, CA the church doors were always open & it gave me a safe & peaceful place to rest. When I moved to Mexico last year, the Catholic people fed me. I like to learn on this school site what it means to be Catholic so I can live in harmony with my family and friends.

Thank you for your service, it lifts my spirits to learn & grow.


Dear Deacon Keith Fournier,

I am happy and fortunate to be able to donate to your Catholic Voice Foundation. I live in Trinidad and Tobago and I use the daily catholic readings to help me have a right start to the day. I appreciate that it is always available and I just felt that I needed to give back to the Foundation.

May God continue to bless you and your team and work through you to bring the good news to all.

Warm regards,

Hello Deacon Keith,

Christ may kingdom come, in my heart through mother Mary. Deacon I would like to join all the 3 missions


Dear Deacon Keith,

I was inspired by the daily readings which I listen to every day. I felt I should contribute something as I use the app every day & get so much from listening to the readings and gospel.

Kind regards,

Dear Deacon Keith,

I read the daily Mass readings from my Bible each day. After reading there are times when I also wish to hear the readings as well. Gives me another insight to the message from God.

Thank you,