What We Do

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, your donation helps provide leadership, direction, service, and tools to fulfill the evangelizing, catechizing, and teaching mission of the Church. Learning how to read and write or acquiring a trade or skill is invaluable for children and adults struggling to break the cycle of poverty caused by a lack of resources, access, and opportunity. Your Catholic Voice Foundation is working to strongly support not only literacy and trades, but also to bring people to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through programs that share the Gospel and help us all to grow in our faith.

We’re committed to improving the quality and availability of digital content and tools so that teachers can have confidence in the products they use, and to ensure that K-12 and adult systems put in the right systems, processes, and structures to bring these tools to the classroom and/or learning environment.  Our funding priorities emphasize personalized learning initiatives that bring in teachers as designers – and allow them to customize the way the programs are used in the classroom and/or learning environment.

Your Catholic Voice Foundation supports FREE Personalized Moral Catholic Education for anyone, anywhere with Internet access.

At the heart of the global changes, we are called upon to embrace, love, decipher and evangelize, Catholic education must contribute to the discovery of life’s meaning and elicit new hopes for today and the future.